Community Involvement

Nagarkot Cottage has always been concerned about contributing to the community where it belongs.  Hence, efforts have been made to support the community around the area in various ways like contributing to the local schools, health posts and employment opportunities to the locals.

  • Majority of the staff are from the community.
  • We buy most of the locally produced vegetables and also encourage our clients to purchase these.
  • Any assistance required in building or to help with our guests, we make use of local resources as far as possible.
  • Local students are given an opportunity to work part time at the Cottage, income from which helps them to get text books and go to school.
  • Contribution has been made to support the Nagarkot Health Post to buy an ambulance.
  • Contribution has been made to get a water tank and pipes for the local school.
  • Cottage assisted two British friends to come to Nagarkot and voluntarily help in the local school to teach English. They were here from 11 September to 08 December 2006.
  • We assisted in getting help for a local teacher to support for his further education. This was made possible by generous offer from a friend from Norway.
  • Over the years, generous support from our clients through financial assistance and their time to teach voluntarily at the local schools is much appreciated.
  • Support to the neighbors with drinking water, first aid kit, telephone services.