Thank you! A wonderful place! Good Service- friendly Staff- Beautiful views.
Posted By: Norsk Tour, 2009

I love the place! Excellent service!
Posted By: Bikash Banya, Boston, MA, USA, 2009

I liked the service! You should visit Nagarkot Cottage. I will visit again.
Posted By: Jyoti Sijapati, BALTIMORE, MD, USA, 2009

I love the place such a warm and inviting place to return to after taking in the majestic landscapes. The food was delicious and everyone is so friendly and attentive. Thank you.
Posted By: Michi Fujimoto, USA, 2009

Being back for the 5th time I can only thank you for still keeping Nagarkot Cottage as a wonderful place. Manager Nagarkot Cottage, I thank you for your friendship, your open heart, your kindness your thoughts and your care for us, for your staff and for the way you take responsibility for Nagarkot Cottage and staff- children as for your own family.
Posted By: Hildegud, GERMAN, 2008

A very enjoyable stay food + service great! Absolutely charming staff nothing too much trouble. Please come home with me. What a beautiful place everyone and everything is cared for excellent food. Thank you
Posted By: Ann Renfrew, BRITISH GROUP- EXPLORE, 2009

I loved it here: Just my kind of stay! Thanks to all for your kindness.
Posted By: Viv Marshall + Cliv, BRITISH GROUP- EXPLORE, 2009

Excellent accommodation and food. Lovely setting. Highly Recommended
Posted By: Pamela Powell, BRITISH GROUP- EXPLORE

I really loved the natural materials used in the buildings & Furnishing – paints, woven rug matting etc. Food, staff excellent. Nothing ugly here. Lovely stay!
Posted By: Ivene & David Wilde, BRITISH GROUP- EXPLORE, 2009

A beautiful and peaceful setting, a very relaxing way to end our trip. Excellent service & food and friendly staff. Thank you for your hospitality Tikendra, Tara and Sikar
Posted By: Dina Antony, Vic + Bhoj, AUSTRALIAN, 2008

Perfect venue for our 2 days visit to this wonderful part of the world. Excellent hospitality, complements to the chef! Thank you.
Posted By: Tony & Liz Dawson, BRITISH, 2008

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and delicious food. I will tell all my friends about it!
Posted By: Jean Miao, USA, 2008

This is a beautiful lodge in a gorgeous location. We loved the food, the service, the fireplace and the hot water bottle in our bed! Thank you for a wonderful stay here!
Posted By: Kimberly Macinnis, USA, 2008

Thank you for a wonderful stay. Delicious kitchen, very nice service, great guide and lovely cottage! I felt at home here! Thanks!
Posted By: Oau, BELGIUM, 2008

We have passed a wonderful night here. Sunrise on the hilltop is a rare seen for us. We will remember it for a long time and also the hospitality of Nagarkot Cotttage.
Posted By: Mohammed Shafiqul Islam, BANGLADESH, 2008

Very sorry to be leaving as the area, the walks and specially the care & reception from the staff have been exceptional
Posted By: Bryn Howell, BRITISH, 2007

Thank you for such a welcoming and for the excellent hospitality. We had happy times here. Thanks!!
Posted By: Ally + Colin Ferkin, ENGLISH, 2007

Food + Service have been excellent. Hospitality has been First Class. Wish we could stay longer. Thank you for making our stay memorable.
Posted By: Barb + Larry, CANADA, 2007

Thank you for lovely food, amazing views+hot water bottles! Good luck for the future of Nagarkot Cottage.
Posted By: Carmel + Jane Dayle, IRELAND, 2006

I couldn’t find a better company or a better place to spend my BIRTHDAY!!
Posted By: Marcus Glodel, USA, 2006

Beautiful place, beautiful scenery, beautiful people Thank you!!!
Posted By: Brenda + Myles, BRITISH, 2005

Keep your style! It was really marvelous staying with here with you. And special thanks to the “staff” with the great performance. Thank you and all the best!
Posted By: Silvia + Harold, GERMANY, 2005

It was very nice.
Posted By: Eichinger + Silvia, AUSTRALIA- VIENNA, 2005

You made us feel like family at Nagarkot Cottage. We enjoyed the meal, the fire, the music and dancing. A wonderful experience in a wonderful country.
Posted By: Barbera Franklin & Bernie Loth, USA, 2005

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